Empowering Educators

Experiential Learning

We offer guest lectures and on-site courses to high school students, community centres, and adult education institutions across the Lower Mainland in BC.

Our STEAM courses offer valuable, hands-on experiences in subjects that are often taught exclusively as theory, allowing students to experiment, develop problem-solving skills, and enjoy the satisfaction of bringing their creations to life.


A males' hands pictured assembling a circuit on a breadboard with multiple green jumper wires.


We offer competitively priced programs for schools, colleges, and community centers. Our courses include all-in-one hardware kits, comprehensive course materials, and ongoing support.

Developing With Arduino

Learn to prototype with Arduino, read input sensors, and control outputs such as LCDs and motors, culminating in a final project.

Exploring Electronics

Discover how to create circuits with LEDs, resistors, capacitors, transistors, switches, breadboards, relays, and light sensors. Put it all together by learning to solder components.


Digital Electronics

Dive deeper into electronics and build circuits with logic gates, timers, counters, and integrated circuit (IC) chips.

Creating Art With Code

Experience a unique STEAM education that combines art and technology to produce stunning geometric line drawings using a programmable and customizable machine.

Discovering Robotics

Assemble a line-following robot, wire the electronics, learn to program a simple navigation algorithm, and autonomously race around a track.

Intermediate Robotics

Students construct a self-balancing robot (mini Segway) and learn about PID stability algorithms. This course is recommended for students with a basic understanding of derivatives and integrals.

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