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Birdseye view of a line following robot driving around a loop track

Introduction to Robotics

Learn how to use sensors and motors to observe and navigate through the world by building a line following robot that drives autonomously around a race track.

Prototyping with Arduino

A hands-on approach to learning the fundamentals of electronics, programming, sensors, actuators, & how to fuse them together with Arduino into your own projects.

Arduino is an open-source, beginner-friendly platform for anything from home-automation, building robots, cosplay, & even interactive art!

Programming Interactive Art with RGB Lights

A beginner-friendly intro to working with programmable RGB LEDs (NeoPixels) and how to implement them into your own creations.​

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Digital Electronics

Go further with electronics and build circuits with logic gates, timers, counters, and integrated circuit (IC) chips.

Combat Robots

Design and build robots inspired by the TV show BattleBots. Class ends with a battle royale, will your robot survive?

Creating Art With Code

Combine art and technology to create beautiful geometric line drawings with a programmable and customizable machine.

Intermediate Robotics

Build a self balancing robot (mini Segway) and learn about PID stability algorithms.


Low angle picture of a line following robot showing motors, wheels, and infrared sensor array